Waiting for Godot, London 1955

Everything in the physical world is absurd. Absurdity is the idea that we as humans can not know anything and that everything is unreasonable or, without reason.

When talking about art and what art is, I see a clear connection between the theatre of the absurd and the idea that…

No idea is new (public domain pictures)

Everyone and everything is an imitation of what once was. There is no new thing under the sun. I find myself continually revisiting this idea from year to year, wondering who I imitate and what imitated things I interact with every day. In chapter two, “the Loss of The Creature,”…

Technology is the basis for modern life, without it, I would not be able to write this paper or attend college this year. The explosion in the use of connected technology has pushed away from the need for discussion on ethics and the implications of what is being created. The…

Lucas Mukhtar

Hi I am a college student looking to expand my writing. I post about concepts that I am currently studying or trying to get a firmer grasp on.

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